Whats on your mind in Mt Savage !

Whats on your mind in Mt Savage !
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Re: Patterson, Proctor and Toogood Surnames

Hi Crystal

Thanks for your inquiry. Those names do not ring a bell. I've traced Mt Savage history thru Newspapers and books and haven't seen those names. It doesn't mean that they weren't here at some point. Black folks were not common in the Mt Savage area. There were a few. One fellow was a barber, but I have no name. Do you know a Ron Claggett ? He's a black fellow that lives here at present. Sorry I couldn't help more.

Re: Patterson, Proctor and Toogood Surnames

Thank you for your response. I appreciate the time you took to answer me.

As for knowing Ron Claggett, I do not know him. My husband fiddles with his family history sometimes. He's not as dedicated as much. He has found that his 8th great-grandfather was the first Arch Diocese of Maryland.

If Ron is working on his family history and might want to collaborate with my husband you may pass on my email address and I will give it to my husband.

I have one line of African American ancestry, but my husband hasn't found any so far.