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Ways "law" = "ministration of death"

Three Wishes: Grace Mercy Peace.

Since many perceive some law ok, not aware all law written in stone and ink a "ministration of death" (Holy Bible: 1Corinthians 15:56; 2Corinthians 3:7; James 1:15); I thought it may be awakening to consider ways "law" can be "ministration of death" to all when ignorance is bliss folk say 1Thes 5:3 "Peace & Safety" (Grace & Law), believe there's safety in merciless law:

- minister imputes sin (by law): by law 'all die'
- old age: it's silly to die of old age in new age
- go to doctor: #1 cause of death in Americah
- go to hospital: #2 cause of death in Americah
- Dis-ease (Lawed-grace): root cause of all death
- be miner: trapped in mine via earthquake
- tsunami: WAVE from "LAW worketh wrath"
- be in pre-war Iraq: million killed by sanctions
- be in post-war Iraq: 100,000 killed by bombing
- be US soldier in Iraq: 1,500 killed to avenge "
- be RCMP in Canadah: 4 shot dead by 'ambush'
- drink Walkerton city water: several died
- rage: fired employee kills boss & others
- hurricanes: killed in Cuba, Cayman, Floridah
- volcano: provoked Mt "St" Helen killed 57
- hockey player riding a bus: crashed & burned
- commuter riding train: derailed in Japan
- live in Texas: death penalty for accused
- sitting in hse: wild car crashes into hse
- shop open market: car sails thru out of control
- riding bike to church: run over by gravel truck
- gas station attendant: shot for a few dollars
- driving on a USA freeway: shot dead by sniper
- win big at Casino: shot thereafter for money
- cancer: little not rem'd kills whole body
- aids: slow death passed around world by many
- avian bird flu: latest potential mass killer
- child in Africa: many don't live past age 5
- blood transfusion: tainted blood can kill
- killer quake: shaken beyond awaken, to death
- suicide: insane man sets himself on fire
- war draft: young men made sacrifices to law
- fall: just a fall down the stairs... to law
- shop indoor mall: roof collapses due to snow
- bargain shop: people stampede kills some
- flash flood: flood still biggest killer ww
- hit by lightning: some survive, most die
- be Catholic in Northern Ireland: shot dead
- ecoli: eat food tainted with ecoli bacteria
- head on collision: sleepy drivers on hwy
- mad dogs: occasionally a child dies from it
- mad cow: cow w calf strikes a death blow
- rapist: women oft 1st raped, then murdered
- startled thief: many oft kill when startled
- avalanche: snow covered skiers oft die
- mud slide: oft ruins hses with people in it
- nightclub visit: fire, exit door chained shut
- mtn rock slide: one such buried a whole town
- car crash: hit by police car chasing speeder
- drive by shooting: happens oft in Americah
- walk near bear w cub, or near the cub: deadly
- hunting incident: man shot friend while hunting
- cold war: secret killings of suspected enemies
- hot war: soldiers die, some by 'friendly fire'
- live in wrong hse: USA bomb wrong hse in Iraq
- live by airport: plane crash short of landing
- meteor: even a small meteor has a BIG Imp-act
- space junk: falls back to earthy law of gravity
- airplane: best man made ones still crash
- electric shock: wind fallen power lines
- hostages or victims of terrorists: 9/11
- student or teacher: whacko school killing
- jew: > million killed thrice (Ex, 70AD, Nazi)
- palestinian: suspects of terror killed by jews
- vengeance takers oft kill innocent bystanders
- war: millions of civilians also killed by war
- cars: best man made still have faulty recalls
- self-condemnation: law oft back fires (Mt 12)
- police: law oft kills the beast it rode in on
- liquor store worker: shot dead for some booze
- convenience store worker: shot dead for few $
- drunk driver: many MAD moms (children killed)
- wrong religion: many killed by crusaders
- give spoken place to killer law: Eg - Ghandi
- masacre: passive resisters gunned dwn: India
- masacre: students gunned down: China
- masacre: Jerusalem: million killed in 70'AD'
- masacre: holocaust (six million killed)
- mafia or biker wars: innocent victims killed
- turf wars: slums oft have killer mini wars
- ethnic cleansing: Rwanda, Nazi, history
- racial cleansing: Klu Klux Klan, etc
- rage: suicide bombers, shooters, drivers
- secret(classified) killings: FBI, Masad, etc
- Dictator kills enemies: Sad man Insane (Iraq)
- black plague: wiped out 1/2 of europe
- live in South Africa: many so-called suicides
- gov't worker: gov't violently overthrown
- gov't worker: taxpayer becomes enraged
- asbestos: manf workers dead from inhaling it
- chemical spill: fumes kill a small suburb
- crib death: some children die in own crib
- mother gone insane: mother left baby to die
- abortion (after 7 wks): fetus dev'd in 7 wks
- hunger: 25,000 children die of hunger DAILY
- seat belt stuck: sometimes it can ensnare
- drowning: fall thru thin ice, ride Titanic
- snowmobile: barb-wire-fence beheads a few
- insult a king: John the Baptist beheaded
- tell the truth: Christ killed for it
- snitch: tattle tale killed for disclosure
- freeze: snap cold spell kills some folk
- witness a crime: get killed prior to trial
- homeless: many such die on the streets
- pills: some react badly with others, kill ya
- drugs: heroine takes toll of addicts & sellers
- tidal wave: holiday sunbathers caught unaware
- sharks: eat folk floating, swimming in oceans
- bends: divers oft die from coming up too fast
- blizzard: car stranded, driver found dead
- bridge collapse: by quake, wind, flood
- sink hole: car falls into unseen road hole
- mtn climbing: fall to death
- tornado: flattened hse with people inside it
- truck driver: couldn't avoid sleeping driver
- mosquito bite: infected mosquitoes can kill
- snake bite: many venemous snake bites kill
- multi-level freeway collapses upon cars below
- oceanliner: even unsinkable Titanic sank
- throat slit by fellow prisoner w razor blade
- policeman hit by car while on foot on freeway
- rear end sandwich collision: crushed between
- brakes fail dwn mtn rd: car goes over cliff
- child chases ball in street: hit by fast car
- play soccer: healthy man drops dead on field
- accident: 8 million ways people accidently died

What odds of "escape" dead end 'by law': Zero!
Billions of reasons to let law be dead testator!

Life after death? What does Bible really say?
Only if all die to law is there life for any!
For "there is no respect of persons with God",
And "a little leaven leaventh the whole lump".

Unless "we all are one" let (killer) law (such ministration of death) be dead "testator" of NT, it will continue to kill all, whether in groups of 100s of 1,000s (tsunami), or groups of 100,000 (Iraq), or groups of 25,000 (# of children who die daily from hunger), or groups of 1,000s (American soldiers), or groups of 100s (mine explosion, train crash, etc), or groups of 10s (flash flood, snap cold, bus crash, etc), or one at a time as individuals unaware law kills all eventually because it's a ministration of death.

The "grace" of our Lord JC with you all. Amen.

Daniel Miles

Re: Happy Sun-Day - by Daniel Miles - Dec 11, 2005 7:40am
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