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Re: daniel miles and his website is fooling everyone


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, thinking is allowed, even required, to solve an allegoric mystery written aforetime for our learning.

Bible is all "allegory" in both "covenants": Galatians 4; And "mystery" to solve: noted 20 times; So it's allegoric mystery to solve "in time": Hebrews 4:16, since there is neither mystery nor time in eternity.

As for what is given by inspiration of God, it is not plural and contrary scriptures, but "scripture": 2Timothy 3:16. So what is God inspired, of plural and contrary law vs grace scriptures, is the script-u-are of such allegoric mystery.

Paul asks and answers the question: What saith the script-u-are? It saith cast out the bondwoman and her son: Galatians 4; Which also notes such things are an allegory. So the allegory meaning of the script-u-are is: cast out the law and result of the law: sin and death; Not to mention "law worketh wrath" is destructive, but grace is constructive. So converted Peter says, to strengthen brethren: grow in grace; Which is a polite way of saying grow up.

In the allegoric mystery which is like unto a virtual matrix to navigate through (through Jesus Christ), we find God(Elohyim) in the beginning is pluralized. Again in Hebrews 1 we find GOD both spake/spoke, in time past/last days, to them/us, via prophets/Son. But it's neither time past nor last days now; Rather it's "the last day", which is also called the third day, which is the seventh day when counting days in John 1 & 2. Let him that hath understanding count.

The plural God which spake/spoke, is also called Majesty on high; But "mind not high things", and "be not highminded" is the higher exhortation from above, for highminded is listed among unholy things to turn away from: 2Timothy 3. So we are to turn away from such things as law vs law and laws vs grace; Since law vs law is as loser vs loser: divided against itself, and laws vs grace is division, not peace.

Escape is via "give more earnest heed" to what's been said, and by whom; And the only other option given is "not escape", for saying Peace and safety in law.

As for bye-bull, such allegorically refers to flush law as dung to gain Christ is the end of the law; Since law is Horeb-bull. So yes, let's say bye-bull: bye to law(bull) written in stone and ink; Since grace (mercy thereof, peace thereof) cannot be of full force until the law is dead testator: Heb 9.

So then, let's dismiss the boogie man: law: the schoolmaster which fails every student; And thereby let grace be sufficient to bring eternal life to all.

Felix, the law was given by Moses: John 1:17. Such surely die lie is found in Genesis 2:17, which is contrary to Genesis 2:16; Every tree vs not every tree, which is allegorically grace vs law, law being given by Moses, whom God called "Moses, Moses" to indicate he was being double minded = unstable.

The law given by Moses is called the law of commandments. It's what Christ abolished, thereby effectively abolishing all law written in stone and ink. For all other law was notably added, because of the transgression (because of the law; for where no law, there no transgression).

Connect your biblical dots, grasshopper.

As for believing, Matthew 24 contains "believe not" x2, when anyone says law here, or law there; And John 8:32 says knowing is what makes you free of believing erroneous things like law here or law there concerning Christ is the end of the law, not the mend of law. Escape is via "give more earnest heed".

As for evil(law), indeed it's getting time for all to put away any thought of such; For God saw only good x6, then very good the 7th time in Genesis 1; Not both good and evil ends badly. So Hebrews 5 says use your senses to discern (a void) both good and evil; Which is to allegorically say a void law, since law is the ministration of condemnation and death.

Charity thinketh no evil to even forgive, which is why charity never faileth to forgive: 1Cor 13.

As for darkness(ignorance), Amos 5 notes the day of the LORD is darkness, and not light; Which is to allegorically say law and not grace, or death and not life.

But that God is light having no darkness at all; Which is to say grace having no law at all, or life having no death at all, or truth having no lie at all.

So, let's sort out which LORD is witch, of two LORDS in plural Psalms and plural Proverbs; Which things are an allegory, and mystery to solve; Or not, and be not suffered to continue by reason of death.

Obviously endure to the end requires continue, or go on unto perfection by leaving the principles; And doing the end run along with patience requires a "weight" loss, said weight being sacrifice, which so easily besets runners of the human race. For sacrifice is of the law, which His Grace will not have, since shedding of blood does not purge all things, only "almost all", leaving sacrifice adherents a tad unpurged, or spotted.

Pure religion arrived undefiled and remained unspotted in a come and go visit to those afflicted with a bad case of life + death, due to their grace + law. Selah.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.