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daniel miles and his website is fooling everyone

I am making corrections in my way of living life. I listened to what this cheater Daniel Miles is teaching the whole world in the form of "HOLY SPIRIT".

This website is guiding normal people to forcibly trust that there is Grace and through only Jesus Christ, when the whole world has their own way of living happily.

This man and other Christians like him have fooled me with the untrue teachings and he is constantly using the words "Grow up in Grace". You idiot! This is uncensored Forum right? Correct yourself...Mind is the one which was always with you.

Prophesies are made by mind and God doesn't need to come to tell you your future. He has already given you all the birth rights. Daniel Miles never mentioned that India was destructed by Christians, he always kept on saying that it is due to Hindus and Muslims, however, Christians were tricky as Daniel Miles is.

He is again trying to convert everyone into Christianity saying that Grace is only through LORD JESUS CHRIST.

All the riches in our country were stolen by Christians and why do you say that India and Pakistan are the result of religion based teachings. What about those who came here in the name of Jesus Christ and God who have spread this religion here.

This website should be closed and it will be closed because whatever is destructive will be destructed. This website teaches another type of religion known as "Grace" through Jesus CHRIST.

You had always been using my name as a Christian name forcibly, even when I told you not to use it.

You cannot fool everyone for a longer time. We all are humans. NOW STOP PREACHING THIS NEW RELIGION "GRACE".If you don't stop then we know how to remove ourselves from it.