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Re: daniel miles and his website is fooling everyone

You said,
"You need meds, for your bi-polar dis-order. God is not the author of confusion (un-rest, dis-order).."

This statement is bi-polar in itself. Do we really think the true Father inspired the writings in the bible? If so, He is bi-polar like your statement. One Being with two faces. One face of love and charity and one face of hate, sacrifice, murder, killing and so on. Does one sane being inspire both? Does a sane being believe He did? I believe you think He is the author of confusion. I believe darkness and men are the author of confusion and the buy-bull. So let's say bye-bull, ok?

You said,
"Law had an expiry date". So ye think Father created the OT law then? Ye say He inspired the bible, so you must, right? Is it not time to stop following and believing in evil and darkness Danny? It's getting old now. Nobody can be this blind unless on purpose.

Peace and just a wee little understanding? ;)