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Re: daniel miles and his website is fooling everyone


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God OUR FATHER and the Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Ok then, we finally have you admitting the character of the Father you propose is Law; But then saying this Law makes you free of laws, which is pretty law law, kinda like the law law of Mt 22:36-40... Rom 8:2.

Felix, the Law of the Spirit no more makes you forever free of the Law of sin and death than the Law of aerodynamics makes you forever free of the Law of gravity. Just run out of gas when flying high on the law of aerodynamics and watch the law of grave-ity kick in again, grounding many to the point of groundead, a little lower than grounded.

Now we have you saying forget the Bible (bye-bull); Just use common sense; When the sense most common among men is obviously producing wars and dis-ease ww. Felix, this Father you propose is the father of lies(laws), which you have believed in error. It's time you replaced your belief with k-now. K-NOW there is no condmenation(law), not even to them that believe erroneous things: Romans 8.

You need meds, for your bi-polar dis-order. God is not the author of confusion (un-rest, dis-order), but of peace (rest, order); And not the order of Melchisedic. God notably rested blessed and sanctified; And such blessed and sanctified rest occured on the seventh day, which is also the third day when counting the days in John 1 & 2. It's now the third day, of AD--> only goes one way, and there remaineth a rest (peace) to the people of God, via grace and truth. For Law is a Lie, and a Thief which steals, kills, and destroys. God cannot lie, is the main reason God cannot die. Law both lies and dies. Law had an expiry date (a fulness of time for such ignorance God winked at) which expired l-o-n-g ago.

The problem is law; the source & strength of sin.
The solution is "grace AND truth": for awareness.
Law wrongfully convicts is not graceful nor truthful; And if the truth be k-NOW-n about law, it never exhonerates those it wrongfully convicts. For Ghostly Law hath never forgiveness, neither here nor there. So if any say law here, or law there, believe it not. For law is the beginning of fear hath torment (OT), and of sorrows hath grief that is unbearable (NT). So thank God that the law is non-eternal, only a schoolmaster that fails every student, in order to bring us unto "Christ: is the end of the law".

So "the end" to endure unto is "the end of the law";
For eternal grace has neither a beginning nor an end.

The "grace"(only) of our Lord JC with you all. Amen.