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Re: daniel miles and his website is fooling everyone

You said,
"Felix, when no law, then no sin imputed: Romans 5:13; And when no sin imputed, then no atonement required. What's not broken does not need fixing. so stop seeing things broken and always needing a fix."

So Danny, if everybody right now believed in no law, nothing would need fixed? We could all go to "heaven" right now and everything would be peachy? A little rape and murder here and there, stealing just a little bit and so on. No sin in that is there? Afterall, who is to tell us we are sinning, right?

Danny, not to be rude, but do you know just how stupid that sounds?

Father's Law is His character. When we transform our character into His, what need is there for your law you speak of EVER? You are totally rear-backwards friend. There will be no peace or grace until the light changes our character and the darkness is destoyed by the light in our character.

If the government does away with all law, will there be peace and grace abounding in the country? You just do not get it and never will. We are not here to do away with laws, we are here to transform ourselves into the character of the Father. WHEN WE DO THAT, THAT IS WHAT MAKES laws VANISH. They will be dead to us because they no longer will have power over us. Then we will be dead to law, and full of the character of the Father. Is that really so hard to understand? Come on Danny, start using common sense and forget the bye-bull. It will bring you nothing but destruction.