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Re: daniel miles and his website is fooling everyone

Felix, Felix,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord JC.

LOL at your ridiculous comment: Paul's real name is Apollonius of Tyana. Even Wikipedia knows Apollonius was a Greek, not a Jew; And of Tyana, not of Tarsus.

The gospel of Christ(is the end of the law) is to the Jew first, then also to the Greek (via Paul the Jew: his witness unto all men). For Jews were first given the law (Genesis 2:17), by Moses (John 1:17). Jews also first requested abolition of law, to which God notably said they had "well spoken" by requesting such: Deuteronomy 18:17. So abolition of law is in response to the request of Jews at Mt Sinai, who could not bear such Horeb-bull accusation and condemnation, which even made Moses exceedingly fear and quake: Hebrews 12. Law was a "great terror"-ist to all Israel (of Jacob-->Israel): Deut 34:12.

As for atonement, Paul mentions it only once, in Romans 5, noting we now joy in God due to being at one ment with (reconciled to) God by Jesus Christ; 1stly reconciled to death by law via one man, 2ndly reconciled to life by grace via one man; With the 2nd of Rom 5's reconciled x2 notably being "much more". In 2Cor 3 grace glory is so much more than law glory that law glory fades to nothing by compare-i-son, as moon & stars vanish daily at the coming of the sun.

Pst: Romans 5:13 also notes:
No law = no sin imputed (no need for sacrifice).

Which things are an allegory: Galatians 4,
an allegoric mystery to solve in time,
so as to escape instead of not escape.

As for Hebrews Chp 9, I refer you to

As for the sort of peace you offer, it's the sort which passeth understanding. I don't want this sort of unstable peace. I want the understanding that brings eternal peace void of divisions and confusion.

Grace is Mercy full to all, multiplies true Peace ww.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ WITH YOU ALL. AMEN.