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Re: daniel miles and his website is fooling everyone

I did get a good chuckle on that (the BS part). I will state it as plain as I possibly can. The law of the OT has nothing to do with Father and Father nothing to do with it. The "Law" I speak of is His character. OT law is BS, His charater is not BS. They are two separate things. His Law is what holds everything together. All things exist through His Law. Is the law of gravity BS? It just simply exists. The Law of Father just simply exists in all of us. It is our salvation and our hope. His Law is grace and mercy. His Law is salvation. When I say "Law", I do not speak of the law that naturally comes to your mind.

You say the bible is allegory. It is one big single allegory. It tells us what Father's character is not. We must see what He is not to become what He is in character. If we read the bible and under threat of a hard fisted being who claims to be Father, and we tell him NO! That is not right, loving, merciful or just. If we stand up to that "being" who claims to be "god" and say it is wrong, we then see the true character of the real Father. I ask you this. Who would we then follow besides the true Father if we would reject who we used to think to be "god"?

At that point we have seen the true Father and His real character and have begun to mold our character in to His. That is salvation and that is life. We must become one with the Father as Yeshua was one with the Father. We must be one in character, love, grace and mercy. Then we have entered through the narrow gate that leads to life.

And if we love life, we must not take a life, any life. If we know Father, we know He never wanted us to take a life for our own wants and desires (food). It is not the character of the real Father, but of the "anti-allegory" claiming to be Him.

Truth exists in only one place, His character. All else will fail and all other roads will fail and leave us naked and alone.