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Re: daniel miles and his website is fooling everyone

Hey Felix,

Grace (not law) unto you, and peace (not confusion),
from God our Father (Grace) and the Lord JC (Truth).

Yep, almost on "the same" (JC: Hebrews 13:8) page. But 'almost' is neither perfect nor merciful; And God our Father is both perfect: Matthew 5:48 and merciful: Luke 6:36, not almost perfect nor almost merciful. Furthermore JC's impartial grace and truth neither obeyed nor disobeyed any law, but rather gave law no place (Eg: Mt 24: 21 was not since time began, no, nor ever will be; Eg: Jn 10:10 thief cometh not) other than as a counter part in a shew (comparative teaching), the "contrary part" to be done away: 2Cor 3, taken away: Heb 10, put away as the put off, abolished: Eph 2, even blotted out: Col 2 to the point what's old, faulty, and "ready to vanish": Heb 8, "shall vanish": 1Cor 13. Poof goes the Dragon.

Like sacrificial bloodshed does not purge all sin consciousness, but "almost all": Hebrews 9:22 leaves sheeple a tad short of entering; So also "a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump": Galatians 5:9. So then, "your glorying is not good(God)": 1Corinthians 5:6. Rather your glorying is "both good and evil", ends badly, with "evil concupiscence". Selah. But nice try to compromise, which God does not do. His Grace doesn't compromise with Law, since they are "contrary" things, as contrary as Life(Mercy) and Death(Sacrifice). So the will of God, to be done prior to receive the promise of eternal life, is: "I will have mercy(grace), and not sacrifice(law).

Felix, Felix (double-mindead pun intended),
a "double minded man" is "un-stable": James 1.
Law = Grace, is the character of Father? Bull-Shit!
Such Horeb-bull Lawed-Grace (Lied-Truth) would make God Father an UN-approachable oxy-MORON; Two fearful to approach lest he's having a law worketh wrath day.

A little law, even the mention of law, makes God's grace "no more grace", like a little death makes life no more eternal. A little cancer us law can and will kill the whole body of Christ(is the end of the law) if it's not all removed in time. Even a doctor will tell you that much truth. So the "operation of God" removes all law, so that none perish by grace rather than all perish by law; For there is no respect of persons with God. Either all live, or all die. As in Adam(Law) all die; But in Christ(the end of the law) all shall be made alive. Becoming "alive unto God" is by letting law be dead testator, so grace may be of full "force" to make every one alive and fully aware there is no law at all in "the God of all grace".

So, let's focus not only on the journey (thru J-->C), but also on the destination (thru C-->God-ward); And let's enCOURAGE thinking is allowed. So think; And especially think from the end (of the law) to endure unto (to be saved only) that is already written, which notably has no mention of law at all:

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.