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Re: Salvation Can't Be Legislated Nor Earned; But Learned

You said the law was written on stone and with ink. You are right, but it was never the Law of Father. It was the law of evil and wickness. When I say "Law", you go into bashing the "OT wicked law". To speak of the OT evil wicked law as the "Law of Father" is living in the state of delusion. The state of delusion was set up when this universe fell from grace. When I speak of grace, I speak of it in terms not set forth in delusion.

Again you are right when you say charity thinketh no evil. Do you know why? Father's charater is charity and Father does not "know" or thinketh evil. Some would say Father is limited if He does not know evil. I say He is unlimited because He knows it not. If we know and think of evil, then we are limited.

If we say love puffs up, then we do not know real love. Real love does not puff up, but puts us in a place of humility towards others. Yeshua did not come to be served, but came to love and as such served others. There can be know real charity without love, just as Father would not exist without love. You are mistaken in your statement. If we learn what real love is, charity will follow. And as charity follows we begin to take on the charater of our Father. That is salvation.

Danny, you are not aware of the Law I speak of. It is impossible. If you knew the Law I speak of, you would not write what you write. You have never read the Law I speak of in your entire life and neither have I. It is not written or spoken of anywhere in this universe. It resides in eternity outside of time. It is only know to us when we search it out in our hearts and see the true charater of our Father.

What is truth? We have only one way of knowing what truth is. It is not by reading, not by study, not by the bible, and not by our own doing. We only know truth when we base all things on the charater of our Father.

Please answer this question for me....Please, it is very important. How do you know and what do you base your belief on that the true Father did not command or want blood animal sacrifices? I know He did not and you know He did not, but HOW do you know?

Danny, if we continue know evil we are limited. Imagine what we could do if we are unleashed from knowing evil and are unlimited? Then you will see true grace, charity and love. This world only sees and thinks of the delusion of grace, charity and love. To kill someone in war is not love of anyone or anything. It is evil and wickness masked as "love".