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Re: Salvation Can't Be Legislated Nor Earned; But Learned

Felix, Felix,
(dblemindead pun intended)

Grace(not law) unto you, and peace(not confusion),
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is preposterous order to teach first, learn after.

It is not love and charity, but love or charity:

For love (law) fails as often as people get divorced, but charity (grace) "never faileth" because charity "thinketh no evil" (law): 1Corinthians 13. Love is law based: Matthew 22:36-40; and the second love (law) is like the first love (law). Charity is pure grace: pure religion: first pure wisdom: 1Cor 8:1...James 1-3. Love is partial. Charity is impartial. Love puffs up. Charity edifies up.

Ye need to LEARN the difference, since the love (law) you speak of is as deadly as OT LAW. In Revelation 13 it's LAW<--Law; For the LAW saith to the Law: sit at my right till I make thy enemies thy footstool, because vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the LAW. In comparison and contrast, charity (grace) has no enemies; For above a servant (slave) is called friend, brother, son. Which things are an allegory: Galatians 4, and a mystery to solve in time: noted 20 times in NT. The way to solve the mystery is "seek and ye shall find", "find grace" to obtain mercy and get help in time: Hebrews 4:16.

I am well aware of the law you speak of, and the Father you speak of. Such law is written in plural hearts, and such law vs law is divided against itself. So in Hebrews 13 we LEARN it is a good (God) thing that the heart be established with grace, not with meats (laws) which profited not them occupied therein. For in Hebrews 7:23 these were not suffered to continue by reason of death, and in Hebrews 11 these all died and received not the promise, because in Hebrews 10 doing the will of God precedes receive the promise: eternal life, and the will of God is: I will have mercy(grace), and not sacrifice(law), with the not part being not then, not now, not ever.

The law (love) you speak of is like love (law) of country. Go ask a PTSD soldier how he/she feels after coming home from a war based on such love (law) of country. In a word: "wretched": Romans 7. Paul tried this law you speak of, and it made him so "wretched" he said: who will save me from this body of death(law). So Paul finally flushed all law written in stone and ink as dung to gain Christ: Philippians 3. Christ is the end of the law: Romans 10:4; not the mend of law: Luke 5:36,37.

So Felix, your 'new reality' is as old as the serpent, which is notably more subtle than any beast of the field. In parable allegory "the field is the world", and the beast is the law sowed by vengeful Son of man, and such law was given by Moses. But the law (of plural and contrary commandments) given by Moses in John 1:17 is not the law at Mt Sinai; Rather it's the law in Genesis 2:17 of 2:16 -vs- 17. This is "the law" Christ abolished in Ephesians 2:15, which is also called "the enmity". For all other laws: 10 at Mt Sinai, and 613 in Torah, were "added", and notably "because of the transgression": Galatians 3:19. But "where no law, there is no transgression": Romans 4:15. And "the woman, being deceived(lawed), was in the transgresssion": 1Timothy 2:14. Hence the woman, being deceived(lawed), was in the law. Connect your biblical dots, Felix, to get the whole picture. Selah.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.