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Re: Salvation Can't Be Legislated Nor Earned; But Learned

Danny, Danny!
Again, I do not speak of OT priest "law". That law is man made, pardon the word...bullshit:). The Law I speak of is love and charity. Do you think this is dung? It is the Law we all must live in. We do not learn or earn it, it lives within us. We are nothing without it and will be nothing without it.

Grace does not save us without love and charity. If the real Law I speak of is love and charity, how did it have a beginning to have an end? If nothing can exist without it, it has always existed.

Time to let go Danny. Step into the new reality not spoken with words or written in books. It is the reality created within us and placed there by our true Father.

Again, I do not believe in the "law" of the bye-bull OT. I do not speak of it either. I caution to listen to anyone, including Paul, who speaks of it. I know it is hard to accept, but never the less true.

Scream, cry or whatever. When you get past the hurt, you will shine like a star in heaven. Then we will know salvation, then we will know the true Father.