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Re: Salvation Can't Be Legislated Nor Earned; But Learned

I will answer your question. We are born with the true Father. We have only one choice. That choice is to leave Him and learn damnation. We do not have two choices. We do not learn or earn salvation. Learning it is earning it plain and simple. We are born with it and can only choose to give it away by turning from our true Father to follow the fake.

The Law is Father and both are eternal. The Law is His charater. I am not speaking of OT "god" law. I agree, it is a bag of crap that needs flung off the side of the earth. Know why? It is not of Father, but is of evilness. The evilness that lives in human hearts and is worshipped. Only evil and ego wants worship. All true Law (Father) wants is love and charity. That is all He has ever asked for. It is in our hearts from the beginning. That is salvation, that is life, and that is the Charater and Law of Father.

Grace is saying we do not need to love and give to others and it is ok. It is not ok. Without love and charity, grace does not exist and will not save us.

Now back to my question to you. Why does Paul base his "religion and theology" on the blood sacrifice of "Jesus"????? HIS blood is to wash away OUR evilness? We know murder and sacrifice is not of the true Father, so why does Paul slop in the bloody mess so often and tell us it is our ticket to salvation? It is a real question that needs a real answer.

Danny, you have come so far in this life. It is time to take the final step. You have salvation in your heart. It is not learned or earned. It is felt and discovered. Stop looking at Paul or any man for salvation. They and their words will not save you, neither will grace alone. The real Law of Father placed in our hearts will save us. Men and words lead to death. Love and charity lead to life. We do not need a road map to find our way home. The path was written in our hearts before we breathed our first breath on this "god" ruled earth. We fell for the sly words of "god" once. Do we need to again? Think about it.