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Re: Bottom of Terror Barrel: Source of it all is law.

Tuxedo Bob,

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Indeed, Love thy neighbor is a "law" to put away, notably "the second is like unto the first" in Mt 22: 36-40 law law; And the first of Rom 8:2 law law is sin and death. Not to mention Rom 8 law vs law is divided against itself.

Let's look at America, which according to it's leader is 'a nation under law', and his 'rule of law' he promised to make global at his second coming. How well does it love it's neighbor Cuba, or it's own people? America has the most violence of all nations, also the most violent weather. Like the Roman Empire it is deteriorating from within.

As for Jesus Christ, the only commandment he gave was "new": "Love one another as I have loved you": John 13:34; 15:12. Paul gives more clarity about the end of the commandment, namely "you" in which the KofG resides, being "charity" out of a pure heart, and a good conscience, and faith unfeigned.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.