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Re: Re: Re: Jesus too? Really!

Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Paul is "his witness unto all men": Acts 22:15,
that law worketh wrath and grace is sufficient;
For Saul was zealous Law & Paul is zealous Grace.
God chose Saul because of his zeal: chief sinner,
and JC apprehended Saul to become Paul The Apostle.
Paul became as zealous for grace as Saul was for law.

Maybe you didn't know this,
as "his witness unto all men",
it includes all other apostles.

Yet Saul-->Paul was no better than Simon-->Peter,
whom JC called Satan and talked of Peter's conversion. For even as Paul an apostle, he felt "wretched", due to trying "another law", the second in Mt 22:36-40 which ye talk about so much. And while in another law of Mt 22 & Rom 8 law law, he said: who will deliver me from this body of death(law). So when he finally put away all law, then he became converted Paul The Apostle, a title given him in the titles of Pauling Epistles.

So true conversion is not from OT Law to NT Law, but from Law to Grace, as Saul-->Paul found out. Therefore he talks of only the greatest of three things never faileth, for the greater of two things still fails. And Jesus said of himself: a "greater" prophet than Jonas and a "greater" king than Solomon is here. But he also said, whenever they say lo here, or lo there is Christ, believe it not. Selah.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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Replying to:

No Mr. Miles,
You flushed the very heart of Jesus and Paul won.