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Re: Mr. Miles vs. Jesus Part 2


Grace unto you, and peace,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let's look at your first question on this thread: Do I want to be the least in the kingdom of heaven? Tim, the kingdom of heaven is "like unto leaven"(law): Mt 13:33; So "seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness" (grace) to always have food, water, and clothing: Mt 6:32,33.

Now let's look at Mt 23, which speaks of the child of hell as onefold of Pharisees, scribes, hypocrites, fools, serpents, vipers, and blind guides; And of "more the child of hell" as twofold if made one proselyte by such. The child of hell notably sits in Moses' Seat: Law. More the child of hell sit's in Jesus' Seat: Law.


So then we have childish Law vs Law seated on the Left vs Right in plural divided heavens of plural divided God(Elohyim) on high. Kinda sounds like what James and John asked for: to be left (behind) and desolate, and to be right to make others wrong; the two apostles called sons of Thunder, who notably moved the ten with indignation: Mt 20:24. (Ye might wanna do a word study on indignation). Selah.

In this case Tim, you would seem to be prefer being on the Left and the right, both the child of hell(law) and more the CHILD of hell(law). So you can't even decide what side of Law vs Law to be on, Bad or Worse, let along grow up and be a man who puts away childish things: 1Cor 13. Sounds like carnal childish divided CJ Corinthians to me: like all who will live godly(childish) in CJ(reverse of JC) shall suffer: 2Tim 3:12. Selah.


Now, let's look at Mt 24, which notes of two gospels going ww for comparison, this gospel (law) and that gospel (grace), what goes first is "this gospel" (law), and what it produces is ww "sorrows" and talk of "great(law) tribulation". So Mt 24:23,26 say "believe [it] not"; the [it] being law; After noting in Mt 24:21 that JC gave great tribulation of law no place whatsoever: was not since time began till now, no, nor ever shall be. Selah.

So then Tim, law given by Moses is nothing at all, and has no place at all, other than a counter part ("their part", the "contrary part") in a God shew; And it's to be done away as if dung is put away in the draught. Go poddy child. Selah.


The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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