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Re: Mr. Miles vs. Jesus Part 2


GRACE unto you, and PEACE,
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

What part of "the law was given by Moses" in John 1:17 did you not get? Of the law and the prophets Moses wrote all of the law part, whether it be one lousy tree law, or ten more fingered in stone, or 613 more in the Torah... all secondary law "added", and "because of the transgressions": Galatians 3:19, and where no law there no transgression: Romans 4:15. So the woman, being deceived, who was in the transgression: 1Timothy 2:14, was in the law. And in the law: the ministraton of death, all die. And all die is extinction, not salvation. Selah.

Tim, if you want to preach about something, at least site the verse(s) from which you make up stuff, else people will assume you are spewing out non sense you made up. Eg: I find no reference to Jesus on the steps in the Bible, but noticed it in some religion film, which was about as inaccurate biblically as the Noah's Ark NBV movie:

Maybe you should stop watching these films and movies and start reading the Bible.

Tim, if you condemn any you condemn yourself in the process. God did NOT send his Son to condemn: John 3:17. And he would not condemn: John 8:3-11. Nor would he accuse any: John 5:45. Selah.

Tim itching ears(plural) like to hear law law.
The ear hears what the Spirit saith: grace us.
You are like the self-conceited brethren mentioned in the Epistle Dedicatory of Translators of the Bible, who liked only what was hammered on their own anvil:

May your silly law law become grace us,
and may it be before your ass is grass.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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