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Re: Mr. Miles vs. Jesus Part 2

Tim, Tim,

Grace(not law) unto you, and peace(not division),
from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

As we discussed,
there is no repsect of persons with God, and all the KofG, including God, are within you(not in ye do err).
God cant lie(law) nor die(law); So ye have to chanGe from ye to you for God & kindgom to be within you. Then it's I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Never leave thee inferes being with or within thee.
On the contrary Law will forget and forsake you.

It's all allegory, and quite logical, unless you try mixing contrary things, which only makes an oxy-moron.

Tim, you can't mix contrary things and expect peace; For contrary things cannot co-exist in peace. Law and Grace are contrary things, as contrary as curse and bless, as contrary as condemn and not condemn, as contrary as sacrifice and mercy, or as death and life. Eg: You don't put new wine (grace) in old bottles (laws) lest they burst: Mark 2:22 & Luke 5:37 Eg: Judas burst: Acts 1:18. Selah.

Try and see the whole picture, not part.
Jesus is Saviour of Israel... partial(some)
Christ is Saviour of the world... complete(all)
To wit, that God was in Christ reconciling the world,
and not law imputing their sins unto them: 2Cor5:19
God our Saviour will have "all men" saved & aware;
Paul is his witness unto "all men": Acts 22:15

Jesus saved Israel till the fulness of gentiles come.
Christ saved the world, by abolishing the law(enmity).
But deliverance from law(evil) is once only, for all.
If entangled again, it's recover yourself from devil.
So God our Saviour will have all men saved(graced) AND all men fully aware what they're saved from: law. That is the only way nobody gets entangled again.
The awareness part is the part converted Paul plays.
Paul is nobodies Saviour, rather he makes aware of it.

Your problem seems to be ye haven't yet chanGed, from ye to you in John 8:32, haven't yet chanGed from ye to you in 1Peter 5:10; Not yet perfected, stablished in grace, and settled about law vs grace.

Ye still wanna be right to make others wrong, not knowing it makes ye as dead wrong as others. For by THY words THOU are justified(graced) or condemned(lawed): Mt 12:37. So far it's lawed(condemned). So, I would that ye go and learn what meaneth Mt 9:13, repeated from Hosea 6:6 as a go figure. Go back, and go foward, and you'll find the will of God is the same, never changes. It's ye who need to chanGe, or not and dble kiss divided @ss bye bye for being willingly ignorant that law is ministration of death.

Perhaps yer one of those CJ people who like to suffer and be persecuted (commonly called a persecution complex), those love thy neighbor people who don't know love thy neighbor is a law and even ye are not under law; Those who don't know CJ is mirrorly the reverse of JC; And JC is the only foundation laid (Mt 1:1...1Cor 3:10,11) to build anything on, else whatever ye build will fall when the storms come.

Perhaps ye haven't yet noticed Paul has many biblical titles, one being "steward" of the mysteries; And as such Paul uses both CJ and JC, but always opens and closes epistles with JC, as does the NT; And Paul clarifies he's an apostle of JC by the will of God.

Tim, it's preposterous to teach first and learn after

I am sharing what I have learned, by seek anf find, by seeking first the kingdom of God (since the kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven) and his righteousness (which is grace if all who tried to attain righteousness of the law failed to: Rom 9); And thereby "find grace" at "the throne of grace", where only mercy is obtain-able, and only help is availabel in time: Hebrews 4:16.

Tim, perhaps ye haven't heard the 99/100 sheep the shepherd left, to go find the 1/100 lost, need not repent. Not to mention 100/100 are found in Luke 15. Not to mention what was lost(dead) is found(alive). So then, what lost sheep are ye looking for? Or perhaps yer the 1/100 who does need to repent(chanGe).

Come on Tim, it's like the ultimate matrix to navigate. You can do better than be the accuser of the brethren, which is clearly law in John 5:45.

I expect to hear more and better of you in future.

The GRACE of our Lord Jesus Christ with you all. Amen.

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