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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My premature demise!

'(Dr.) Grimes is not adverse to spinning a tall tale or two himself'

Says it all really. IMO if Dr. Grimes can see the upset that his lies and underhand actions cause other people maybe he will now understand how his public abuse of people feels.

A bit OTT alright but what comes around goes around.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My premature demise!

David (who replied to my former message)

My point was that there is a world of a diffrence between flights of fancy and something which causes a world of distress to the people who hear or read it.

I worked for Michael a long time ago (when £3 an hour was a fair wage!) and I stayed working for him all through my college years. His tales never did me any harm, however reading the horrid words of the person who pretended he was dead upset me greatly.

The world needs hopeless romantics like Dr. Grimes. Where else would the Walter Mittys and the Munchenhausens come from otherwise?

Fond of him I will always remain ...