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My premature demise!

I read with great interest full details of my demise.

While I personally have no problem with being alive rather than dead as Mr. Dobson obviously hoped for, I would like to point out that what he did was a terrible, and indeed crinminal under Irish law, thing.

Ones family get upset very quickly on reading such nonsense and if one had, say, a heart condition, this could bring about their demise. It is not very funny and I would appreciate knowing what Mr. Dobson thought he was going to achieve.

As a matter of fact I was busy preparing an article on Hungarian steam railways and so was out of the country and I had no knowledge of my demise.

Now I challenge Mr. Dobson to identify himself now and save us all a lot of trouble because if he does not then at the moment the Gardai are tracing his computer through the internet - it is a criminal offence what he did - and when I find out I shall be have the greatest pleasure posting his name and address here and other readers can draw their own conclusions on his behaviour.

In my view what he did was uncalled for, caused a lot of problems to many people who believed him and he should be ashamed of himself.

Does anyone agree with me?

Michael Grimes

Re: My premature demise!

Agreed Michael

How some people spend their Spare time spreading malicious News is sickining.

It can be distressing particularly when a Family member reads it.

Glad your OK Anyway.


Re: Re: My premature demise!

Agree with Stephen on this one. Really is mind boggling how some people get their kicks. ive had my disagreements with Dr Grimes on this board in the past but for someone to spread malicious lies like this is just nasty. Glad youre still with us Dr G!


Re: Re: Re: My premature demise!

(Dr.) Grimes is not adverse to spinning a tall tale or two himself. In the time that I knew him - he built chains hotels (practically brick by brick by himself) if his tall tales be believed, ran an East European transport network, was head of an American university and many other great flights of fancy.

For all that he was extrodinarily kind as well - there was a very nice bottle of whiskey given to me for some copying work I did for him one Sunday afternoon and I was very upset to hear he had passed over.

Michael, for all your faults, you are one of the biggest characters I ever met and I always think of you with great fondness. The memory of you on Cork's TV channel arguing the case for legal prostitution still makes me smile.

All the very best -

Re: Re: Re: Re: My premature demise!

BTW, MIchael, I'm delighted you are still up and about to quicken the heart of any judge you stand before.

(I still remember lugging that dammed ancient suitcase you used to house your legal papers in into the Cork courthouse)

Whoever posted that fake message is a b*****


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My premature demise!

'(Dr.) Grimes is not adverse to spinning a tall tale or two himself'

Says it all really. IMO if Dr. Grimes can see the upset that his lies and underhand actions cause other people maybe he will now understand how his public abuse of people feels.

A bit OTT alright but what comes around goes around.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My premature demise!

David (who replied to my former message)

My point was that there is a world of a diffrence between flights of fancy and something which causes a world of distress to the people who hear or read it.

I worked for Michael a long time ago (when £3 an hour was a fair wage!) and I stayed working for him all through my college years. His tales never did me any harm, however reading the horrid words of the person who pretended he was dead upset me greatly.

The world needs hopeless romantics like Dr. Grimes. Where else would the Walter Mittys and the Munchenhausens come from otherwise?

Fond of him I will always remain ...