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Re: Re: Tigers with Ulsterbus to look at FOR DR Grimes

1143 was out stationed in Portglenone for a good number of years. Its condition would be very good with it well worth a look if interested.

Re: Re: Re: Tigers with Ulsterbus to look at FOR DR Grimes


1143 is withdrawn from service and is parked in Ballymena Station. I travelled on 1143 before it came off service and it is in very good condition. It spend its later years allocated to Portglenone sub depot where each driver is allocated his own bus so it has been well looked after.

The only problem is as 1143 is still parked in Ballymena rather than moved to Newtownabbey, Ballymena have started to take bits of it, so far only one seat but if you are interested you would need to make a move fast. Mechanically you will not find much better than 1143.

1144 should also be in good condition as well as it was another sub depot bus but it was allocated to Coleraine rather than Ballymena.

Where is Tiger 460?

We have announced the acquisition of 1143 as you can see from the main page.

Where is 460 at the moment?

Has anyone a picture of her?

Michael Grimes

Re: Where is Tiger 460?


Link to recent photo of 460 from Phills web site which shows 460 in Newtownabbey

Re: Re: Where is Tiger 460?

She looks like any other Tiger. What is the difference? What livery would she have had as an express vehicle?

Michael Grimes

Re: Re: Re: Where is Tiger 460?


To saw the difference you need too look at the side view - see the different style of window at the front and back