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Re: Re: Lothain towcar

I never said that i had a problem with it being damaged, its just the fact the the truth is that it had happened, yet couldnt be admitted to. I dont no if it annoys you but it annoys me when i measum you have an intrest in, dont tell you about it, or totally deiny it.

Re: Re: Re: Lothain towcar

Yes i guess i am a bit annoyed at the damage it sustained, even though it is relatively repairable. However what totally has hacked me off about this whole episode is those of you that came on the board stating pictures of the incident were up on another site but actually omitted to post the link to this site with the pictures.

If these pictures did indeed exist, i guess i must have been the only person not to have seen them out of all of you that post on this board. Maybe Michael has good reason to keep some things quiet, as all of you 'Armchair Enthusiasts' out there wll always find fault at something and make a mountain out of a molehill.

The Garage Cat

I'm just waiting for someone out there to start kicking 'The Garage Cat' for helping in the stripping of derelict KR181.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Lothain towcar

if you would like the link and micheal wants to keep it quite i will email it to you,

Dose anyone no anything about butec eletrical systems, as this is what my bus has, and the aletonator has been replaced and it still not working, a regondisioned regulator was also fitted to the bus

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Lothain towcar

Hi Paul

Bit late to offer to send me link now seeing as i'm just back from a working week at the museum and have seen the breakdown wagon myself. As Michael has pointed out, it is still in everyday use with minor repairable damage and this i can confirm. The point was that with the way certain induviduals were going on about it, it was as if the thing had been severely damaged and written off.

Thanks anyway for the offer but it does not interest me now seing i now know it was not seriously damaged or written off.

The Garage Cat