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Re: bus eireann

firstly what i have heard bus eireann wood not sell to you . the tendering was stop buy bus eireann therefore no body got think from them there is pleanty d class in perservation .you let others take photos of buses that are in bits thats not perseravation just junk . in what i have seen of kells they where opening in enfield that is over 5 years go instead you are still buying buses driveing into field no shead stop wasteing on court case and spend money building a shead for the buses you have . and stop thinking you will win looking for support i know if you win it,s like haveing a trophy on the fire place .all i will say translink fleet god help in 6 months not even wash .like 2531 not even clean up youre museum , thinks wash and sweep is perservation thats joke . we will see what kind crap good michael will come out with.