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bus eireann

what i have seen is not nice first brian was only asking question instead he was attacked . what i see kells transport museum should stop attacking bus eireann it,s all because of kells transport museum that bus eireann came in with the new rules for scrap buses . joe and others at bus eireann are only following the rules of the board of cie, and that kells transport stop attacking them , kells transport museum has made worse for others in perservation who do fine job in perservation getting buses ready for shows . if kells transport loose i wood not be surpised if bus eireann will look for scraping order after case on 454 to do away with the buses that are there know on his site . i was passing l.c kd 156 still parked up kd184 for get that bus plus 711 gone . what i see kells transport museum is trying grab as many buses and leave nothing for others they should stop buying and start building this all i will say on this matter i whanted to get of my chest who supports i am write

Re: DF 454 - Further Comments.

Ken is obviously under a few delusions so let me get a few things straight.

1. The last tender - and probably a few before - were rigged, fixed, call it what you will, and no preservationist stood a chance.

2. If I do not take a stand then nobody has any chance in the future either.

3. Bus Eireann do not have the right to turn down €80,000 for buses and sell them for €1,500 with or without kickbacks. It is pure fraud - a fraud on the taxpayer.

4. I do not believe the Board either knew or sanctioned the fraud.

5. I bought DF 454 and paid €1,210 for DF454. Is Ken saying I am not entitled to have her, having paid for her with my very hard earned money? There is a little matter known as the law of contract.

6. In the Court case neither Joe Neiland nor anyone else on the Board or otherwise of Bus Eireann has backed Samantha Matthews. She either did it herself or has been hung out to dry.

7. Samantha Matthews reads this board on a regular basis so I invite her to give her side of the story. As long as I have known her she is not a liar and does not tell lies so if she wishes to say she had nothing to do with selling something for which she was offered €3,610 for €50 then I will believe her. That then will beg the question as to who did.

8. I extend the same invitation to Joe Neiland.But at the end of the day somebody has made the decision and I want to know who and will not stop until I find out. If Samantha is being wrongly blamed while others cower and hide then they are pure and simple *******s to allow her to be hung out to dry.They are the sort of people that would be afraid to cross the road in front of my car in case they might show they had guts!

9. To make matters worse it now appears that someone in Bus Eireann called Erin Recyclers and blackmailed them into taking a course of action which they had no desire to take. I will find out who and when I do they will be very, very sorry. The court had made an order and someone in Bus Eireann deliberately went out of their way to make the court order meaningless. So who did?

10. It is my intention to make sure the next tender is open, fair and preservationists will get a fair shake. Is there something wrong with this? One thing is sure. If this was allowed to continue they would never get a bus again.

11. As regards a comment to go on radio and TV, yes. Not alone that but I am writing every paper, every TD, every County Councillor, in fact everyone who can help. You just watch!

12. I ask a further question. Do Bus Eireann have the right to spend €250,000 of the taxpayers money to fight to have this bus scrapped? I say, no, and that that would be a further fraud on the taxpayer. What have they to gain? What is the point?

13. Do philistine *******s have the right to destroy our heritage. Again I say no. The foreigner never conquered us. We always did it ourselves to perfection and this case proves the point.

I welcome further discussion as so far nobody seems to agree with me. Lets hear from other preservationists in particular or is everyone afraid to stand up and be counted? At least I cannot be accused of that!

Michael Grimnes

Re: Re: DF 454 - Further Comments.

Micheal, i am not one usually to disagree, but were you have sayed ''3. Bus Eireann do not have the right to turn down €80,000 for buses ''

they do have a right to turn it down, its there bus its up to them if they want to sell the bus or not, ]

i do agree with you on you point about the cost of court case, that money could be better going towards new vechiles than to be pursing some case about an old double decker,

Re: bus eireann

firstly what i have heard bus eireann wood not sell to you . the tendering was stop buy bus eireann therefore no body got think from them there is pleanty d class in perservation .you let others take photos of buses that are in bits thats not perseravation just junk . in what i have seen of kells they where opening in enfield that is over 5 years go instead you are still buying buses driveing into field no shead stop wasteing on court case and spend money building a shead for the buses you have . and stop thinking you will win looking for support i know if you win it,s like haveing a trophy on the fire place .all i will say translink fleet god help in 6 months not even wash .like 2531 not even clean up youre museum , thinks wash and sweep is perservation thats joke . we will see what kind crap good michael will come out with.