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Post Broad Street Run Picnic in FDR Park, 10:30am Sun Oct 10

Hi all. Once again we will be having a Philly Runners totally awesome and ridiculously gourmet post Broad Street Run picnic and barbecue on Sunday, October 10.

For those of you who have been around for some time, you can skip directly to the part where you RSVP.

What: Philly Runners totally awesome and ridiculously gourmet post-race picnic and barbecue.

When: Sunday, October 10. Roughly 10:30am. If you're at the picnic site before me, stick around and you'll be able to help me set up when I get there.

Where: FDR Park, near the playing fields and near the I-95 overpass, the southern side of the park, away from Pattison Ave. MAP:

Who: You! All Philly Runners, whether or not you are running the race. Spectators, volunteers, your significant other, friends, kids and dogs are also welcome. Pretty much anybody reading this who wants to come hang out with a bunch of folks who just ran 10 miles and eat organic hamburgers with us is welcome. Just let me know you're coming (more on that below).

Why: Because you just ran a race and you're hungry and you don't know anywhere else within walking distance of the finish line serving organic hamburgers at 10:30 in the morning. Or perhaps you didn't just run a race, but you want to come celebrate with those who did, and, while you're at it, you might as well eat some organic hamburgers at 10:30am.

How much: A $15 contribution to the cost of this gourmet picnic will be very much appreciated. $10 if you're not having any alcohol.

Bring: Yourself and any other cool people you want to hang with. You do not need to bring anything else. If you have some dietary restriction you think I will not be able to accommodate or you have some truly unique food you would like to share with others, that's cool, but please do not feel obligated to bring anything. I plan the purchase of food on the assumption that nobody is bringing anything else.

RSVP: By Thursday, October 7 at 4pm. RSVP by posting here or on the Facebook event. Please do not RSVP by emailing me, telling me in person, fax, phone or any other way you can think of. This is where I count how many people are coming and it's much easier when everybody is in the same place. When RSVP'ing, please indicate how many people will be in your party and if you have any veggies/vegans or other dietary restrictions. I am willing/able to accommodate any reasonable request provided you give me a heads-up.

Everybody is always welcome, even if you don’t RSVP. I generally have extra food, but an RSVP is really appreciated and an RSVP by THURSDAY OCTOBER 7 at 4PM is really really appreciated. But a late RSVP is better than no RSVP. I can add food to the order when I go to pick up the food that I pre-ordered.

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of hungry runners on Sunday, October 10!

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Re: Post Broad Street Run Picnic in FDR Park, 10:30am Sun Oct 10

The location of this BBQ has been changed to Lemon Hill. And time has been changed to 11am.

Your Favorite Running Shoe: New Balance 990

Re: Post Broad Street Run Picnic in FDR Park, 10:30am Sun Oct 10

I’ll see you at the bbq Seth!

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