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Join our First Mayor’s-Cup-at-a-Distance Team!

Hi Philly Runners,

Mayor’s Cup starts July 11! Don’t worry, there’s still time to sign up.

Like everything else in 2020, this year’s Mayor’s Cup looks a leeeettle
different. While we won’t gather at Belmont Plateau with a few hundred
of our closest running pals, we’ll sustain the spirit of Mayor’s Cup in
a four-week running extravaganza.

Not excited yet? What? You’re apprehensive about getting roped into a
month-long virtual race with four different events? Well, before you
envision yourself spending four weeks scavenging for clue items in
Fairmount Park while simultaneously logging miles for the distance
challenge or putting in speed workouts in the shape of the word COVID,
calm down. We should talk.

First, the good news:
• We have a winning streak to defend
• You don’t have to participate in all four events
• Not the fastest? This year’s competition rewards more than just speed.
Show off any of your many talents, whether it’s clue decoding abilities,
creativity, stamina (ok, this part’s required, more on that later), OR
your speed.

Here’s what it takes:

• The Distance Challenge. While participation isn't required for every
event, all participants are automatically entered into the Distance
Challenge (Week 2). This week’s winner will be the team with the highest
average mileage for these six days (Sat. July 18 - Friday, July 24). In
other words, running zero miles will not merely fail to boost our team,
it will tank our average—the determiner of our score. You’ll keep track
of your mileage and enter it into Mayor’s Cup’s results page. For help,
contact Distance Challenge Captain Jeanine Stewart at or at a run.

• Desire to help our team sock it to ‘em using our many talents. You’ll
choose at least one more event, in addition to the distance challenge,
from these three options:

1. The Scavenger Hunt, Week 1, tests clue-decoding speed and ingenuity,
although running speed may help too. Mayor’s Cup will distribute clues
to kick off that week (Sat., July 11 - Fri., July 17). For every item
you discover, you’ll post the photo on the Mayor’s Cup Facebook page. If
you accept this challenge, contact Scavenger Hunt Team Captain Jessica
Hammond at

2. Artwork Challenge, Week 3, tests artful map-making skills AND
confirmation that at least one person in the club ran the route during
week 3 (Sat., July 25 - Fri., July 31). Would you like to be the runner
or a map creator? Please liaise with map-master and Artwork Challenge
Captain Jessica Hammond with your ideas at
or at a run.

3. Speed Week, Week 4, tests your running speed for Mayor's Cup's
traditional distances (5k, 5 mile, 10k, 10 mile, and half marathon).
You're free to stage your own solo race any time between Sat., Aug. 1,
and Fri., Aug. 7. Depending on feedback from you, Philly Runners may
hold an optional Speed Week race day at a TBD common location on Aug. 1
or 2, with a picnic on the grass to follow. Either way, you can opt to
participate in speed week on your own, and each participant must upload
their results to Mayor’s Cup by 11:59 p.m. Aug. 7. For comments or
questions, contact Speed Week Captain Jeanine Stewart at or at a run.

• Honesty. Your results for week 4 and week 2 are based on your
self-reports, so be sure to start your GPS device before you leave for
your run OR run a route for which you know the mileage.

So, now for the next burning questions on everyone’s mind:

How competitive is this year’s event? And how will Mayor’s Cup even know
who won?

- Running at a distance allows you to make this year's event as
competitive as you want.

- This is a casual competition. Results will be less official due to
variable GPS data from our various watches, etc. However...

*** Speedy results will receive extra scrutiny. ***

- If you place, Mayor’s Cup will ask you to back up your reports with
watch data, Strava, or some other app. According to Mayor’s Cup rules,
the data should show total elapsed time. We’re hoping for more guidance
on this from Mayor’s Cup for participants who don’t have that feature.

- Your individual results for Speed Week and the Distance Challenge will
show up on the results page, in real time, after you enter your results,
so the honor system remains important for everyone.

Now, we need all Philly Runners who are Mayor’s Cup Championship Hopefuls to take these steps:

1. Sign up for Mayor’s Cup. (It’s only $10, and you get cool free
schwag.) Join the Philly Runners team, password: Fels.

2. Fill out our survey on the Philly Runners Facebook page. It’s
included in the 6/25/2020 post identical to this

Your Next Race & Date: July 11 - Aug. 7

Your Favorite Running Shoe: Hoka

Re: Join our First Mayor’s-Cup-at-a-Distance Team!

Wow! That's good to hear. I've been waiting for this. Hopefully I can participate on the event. I just have to fix some things beforehand. May I know if you guys have facebook event page or any event page for this? I want to know more and get more information regarding this.

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