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Road Closures/Parking restrictions in effect through May 7 due to NFL Draft

Hi all.

There will be parking restrictions and road closures in effect now through May 7 due to the NFL Draft (which is a three day event taking places April 27-29).

The extremely extensive list of road closures and parking restrictions can be found in this article in Philly Magazine:

In general: figure it will take longer for you to get to the art museum area, longer for you to find a parking spot and longer to walk/run back from wherever your parking spot is to our run meetup location. If you need to park somewhere, try Lemon Hill. If you're coming in on the expressway, use the Girard/Zoo exit to access Lemon Hill from the top rather than trying to come through the art museum circle and then out on Kelly Drive. If you exit at Girard, cross the river on Girard and then there is an immediate right to go down the hill. You can see this on our Lemon Hill Map here:

If you can, try to arrive by foot or on bike. As for SEPTA buses, I doubt they will fare much better than the cars.

*** If our run meetup spot has to be relocated at any point, I will try to post here in advance, but sometimes we get pushed out with no notice. In general, if we are not at the bottom of the art museum steps, we will be down Kelly Drive towards Lloyd Hall. We'll be as close to the steps as possible. So, just head down Kelly until you find the closest spot where we can congregate. There's a map for that too: Just ignore the "Pope Day" stuff. We won't be meeting in front of the zoo unless I say so here on this board.

Thanks all!

Re: Road Closures/Parking restrictions in effect through May 7 due to NFL Draft

I biked in to the art museum today and, even though some of the bike racks in the plaza are outside the perimeter they have set up, a security guard there told me I could not lock up my bike there. There are no other bike racks in the area. I locked my bike to the chain that surrounds the Rocky statue, which I don't consider very secure. My bike was there when I got back, but everybody please be aware of the lack of bike racks now available by the art museum. Usually for situations like this I recommend that people bike to the art museum rather than drive, but apparently this time they are determined to make life difficult for the bikers too.

Re: Road Closures/Parking restrictions in effect through May 7 due to NFL Draft

We're still meeting by the Rocky Statue or as close to it as we can get. If we're pushed further away, we will push ourselves always to the Kelly Drive side, so if you don't find us at the Rocky Statue, go along Kelly Drive until the first accessible spot and stop there. This may mean the traffic light at Anne d'Harnoncourt Drive (the Art Museum driveway) or the traffic light at Fairmount or wherever. Wherever you find the first open spot, stop there unless I post here otherwise to explicitly move the meetup spot to a different location altogether.


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