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New Huge Banner Photo needed for redesigned website -- Help Needed!

HI all. I am in the process of redesigning the website. I think/hope the changes will make the website more informative and more user-friendly. The big change is that I've added in drop down menus to most of the navigational links. This allows you to see pretty much the entire website from whatever page you are looking at currently rather than having to access the main page for a certain category and then a sub-menu from there. For example, all the photo pages now link from the drop-down for photos. You don't have to go to the current year's photos any more in order to see the sub-menu for all previous years' photos.

The new pages can be seen here (and only here):

Please note that some of the links are not yet working, in part because the pages they are linking to don't yet exist. Most of the links should work.

The other big change is I am changing the big banner at the top of the website. You'll notice the banner currently at the top of the new pages has a huge blank spot. This is meant for a photo of the club I am hoping will be taken in the next few weeks. I need somebody with a good camera who really knows what they're doing. The space meant for the photo is 900 pixels x 300 pixels and I would like to get a large photo of the proper proportion taken so I don't have to manipulate it too much on my end. Is there anybody out there who has a really good camera and knows how to use it and could take a photo that would fit this criteria?

I would like to take this photo from the top of the Art Museum steps at the end of a run (around sunset) with the city skyline in the background. You'll also notice I have a liberty bell in the middle of the space meant for the photo. The idea is to line up in such a way so that when I put the photo on the website we are surrounding and not blocked by the liberty bell. There's some wiggle room here. I can play with the size and the positioning of the liberty bell relatively easily. We could possibly do this on Tuesday April 11. If you've got Philly Runners gear, please wear it, particularly the red shirts and yellow hats, which provide great contrast.

All comments are welcome. Please post here or email me directly.

Re: New Huge Banner Photo needed for redesigned website -- Help Needed!

The NFL draft stage is blocking the skyline. So, no photo until all that is taken apart. Maybe Tuesday May 9. Check back here.

Big thanks for Andrew for doing some reconnaissance today to see what the view was like from the top of the art museum steps.

Re: New Huge Banner Photo needed for redesigned website -- Help Needed!

Weather permitting, we're on for Tuesday, May 9 (two days after Broad Street). I will post here again closer to next Tuesday after checking the weather report later in the week.


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