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The purpose of this forum is to provide a forum for cadets and friends of Roosevelt Military Academy to renew and maintain friendships and to post information of interest to the RMA Community. There are no restrictions on topics for discussion. We just ask that everyone keep their notes polite and civil. Don't forget to include a subject to your message.

RMA Rough Rider Association Message Forum
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Roosevelt Military Academy class ring found!

My aunt and I have recently discovered a ruby class ring with the Roosevelt Military Academy logo on the sides (she first thought that it belonged to a medical doctor with the American Medical Association letters inscribed, but it's actually part of Roosevelt's logo). I have digged deeper into the inside of the ring for more information and it has the initials J.C.K.-? (in cursive font) with HJ10K (Herff Jones 10K gold ring) inscribed on the inside of the ring. I am planning to have a pawnbroker look at it tomorrow, but I need to remain legal by finding the rightful cadet or descendants. The ring was found in the Dyersburg, Tennessee, area. Please message me for photos and I have also posted to the Roosevelt Military Academy pages on Facebook with the photos. Thank you. And thank you for your service.

Re: Roosevelt Military Academy class ring found!

Hi Elysia,
Thank you for the post - I have been actively involved with the RMA alumni & past Association for many years and do not see anything in our records under the name you posted. Can you take pictures of the ring you have and post them here or send them to me at: .

Thank you,

Mike 60'

Re: Roosevelt Military Academy class ring found!

Hi Again,

Have a new email address in case you can send a picture:
What year is on the side?
Thanks for your help.