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RMA Rough Rider Association Message Forum

The purpose of this forum is to provide a forum for cadets and friends of Roosevelt Military Academy to renew and maintain friendships and to post information of interest to the RMA Community. There are no restrictions on topics for discussion. We just ask that everyone keep their notes polite and civil. Don't forget to include a subject to your message.

RMA Rough Rider Association Message Forum
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2018 Reunion

Hello Rough Riders! 25 Jul, 2018

Less than 4 weeks until we get together again. We are going to try to be as visible as possible for everyone in Aledo so that they know that we are former cadets or RMA – not just a bunch of old people walking around in town. So, with that in mind we want to be recognized not by being old but by wearing something RED! We have about 20 hats from the 2006 Reunion. The Board of Directors has authorized me to offer these hats free!! We want the people in Aledo to know who we are! So, by wearing a RED hat you will be easily recognized.
So, if you are coming to the Reunion and would like to have a free hat please send me an email - the first 20 attendees will get them. Therefore, you must email me to tell me that you want to have a hat.

There is one condition to get one of these hats:
 You must wear in to Aledo on Saturday and at the pancake breakfast at the Fire Station
 After that the hat is yours to keep – compliments of the BOD.

Now, if you do not request a hat before the first 20 are gone, then please bring something RED to wear like a scarf, glove, shoes,etc.
You need to email me or call me to tell me that you want one of the hats – first come, first served.


Pete Adkins 71’
Dale Ague 72’ and wife Deb
Timothy Brown 67’ and wife Lauren
Mel Bogus 47’ and wife Sherry
Tim Brown 67’ and wife Lauren
Norman Bushee 63’
Larry Chadwick and wife Doris
Tom deGraffenried 62’ and wife Jan
Hugh DeGroff 69’ and wife Linda
Charles Ewalt 70’ and wife Lisa
Sam Fantino 60’ and wife Lorrie
Gerald Feitler 52’
Bob Fritz 65’
Ron Furst 70’ and guest
Joe Greco 61’ and wife Kay
Maxine Grisham – family
Jack Gwynne 66’ and wife Holly
Norman Iglarsh 61’ and wife Ilene
Tom Jones 67’ and wife Angie
Ronn Jutkins 53’ and wife June
Jeff Koppel 72’ and wife Jennie
Bob Kramer 65’
Dart Longeway 71’
Bruce Lutz 67’ and wife Lynn
Joseph(Nick)Marinelli 70’ and girlfriend Karen
Glen Millikan II – family
Rick Millikan – family
Michael Nusbaum 68’
Thomas Petrosino 53’
Ronald Phelps (Warren Phelps 44’ – son) and wife
Jim Regas 45’ and wife Georgia
Connie Russo(widow of Mitch Russo 60’)
Jerry Shirk 71’ and wife Grace
Don Sucher 60’ and wife Audrey
Walter Thiet 66’
Mike Vagi 60’
Barney Wald 61’ and wife Mary
Gary Weaver 69’ and wife Sue

The list continues to grow so get your reservation in to the Holiday Inn by calling 309.794.1212 – be sure to mention the RMA reunion to get
the special room rate of $89 plus tax.

You can complete your reservation on-line or by mail. If by mail,
send your check, made payable to the RMA Rough Rider Association and mail to:
Gerald Feitler
2001 83rd Street N Unit 1286
St. Petersburg, FL 33702

Below are more details about the RMA Memorial and a message from Mel – our Association President.

Direct Order

I am sending this as a last resort. You need to attend the all-class reunion on August 24th. I will tell you the reasons.
First is the fact that this might be the last organized reunion put on by the Rough Rider Association.
Second is the level of participation by the city of Aledo, which has never happened before. Mayor Hagloch has really stepped up and the city council has taken some important steps in the preservation of the identity of the property that used to house RMA. The city is pouring a replica slab, they are putting up a memorial wall using the bricks from North Barracks and Niles Hall and they are putting up 7 board signs depicting the history of the property from Vashti College to Illinois Military School to Roosevelt Military Academy. We all need to be there for this occasion.
In addition to the 155,000 the city spent on taking down the buildings they are now committing another 8 to 16 thousand for the additional projects. If you absolutely cannot attend you can send a donation to Tarah Sipes of the City of Aledo. She heads up Economic Development for the city, and is a contact for this event. Make your check payable to the City of Aledo. In the memo section put RMA Memorial Project and send to:

City of Aledo
120 N. College Avenue
Aledo, IL 61231
Att: Tarah Sipes

For those of us that feel the connection to RMA, it is time to step up and do your duty. It is also what you feel in your heart for the years we all spent at RMA.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need more info.

See y’all soon!