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RMA Rough Rider Association Message Forum

The purpose of this forum is to provide a forum for cadets and friends of Roosevelt Military Academy to renew and maintain friendships and to post information of interest to the RMA Community. There are no restrictions on topics for discussion. We just ask that everyone keep their notes polite and civil. Don't forget to include a subject to your message.

RMA Rough Rider Association Message Forum
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Respect for others' e-mails

I posted a request last Sunday in which I asked that, my e-mail address would not be used for UNSOLICITED emails. The posting got deleted together with others in the same tread.

I, once again, and conforming with the publicational guidelnes stated on the web site by our esteemed Webmaster, will repeat the request for everyone's benefit.

If you guys have a beef with one another, handle it within yourselves, or on this page so everyone who reads it may debate the issues, or offer words of wisdom.

However, I respectfully ask of all to STAY AWAY from MY e-mail address as I am not interested in receiving emails from some of the people who enter this page.

Everyone has my email address but only a handfull, an invitation to use it for private communications. If it concerns the Association, then use this medium, not mine.
If it concerns me, then have the respect to request access to my email, not just barge into it with a CC to other people so that, when each responds, I have to listen to their miseries and sad stories of how they can't seem to control what their Grand-kids read on line.

RMA was billed as, "Builder of Men." Be a man and handle your own battles on our own, not at the expense of someone else!

Thank you very much.