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RMA Rough Rider Association Message Forum

The purpose of this forum is to provide a forum for cadets and friends of Roosevelt Military Academy to renew and maintain friendships and to post information of interest to the RMA Community. There are no restrictions on topics for discussion. We just ask that everyone keep their notes polite and civil. Don't forget to include a subject to your message.

RMA Rough Rider Association Message Forum
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A letter to Roosevelt Military Academy Alumni and Association members

My fellow Rough Rider Alumni, the August 13-15, 2010 reunion was a great success as we had a large number of first time alumni join us in Rock Island and Aledo.

As President I would like to first say that it is an honor to serve you and the Association and sincerely want all alumni to join us. We had many heartwarming moments shared Saturday night as each Cadet shared their life experience at RMA and how it positively influenced their lives. We were equally excited about Rick and Glen Millikan joining us for the three days and to hear their perspectives of life with Colonel and Mrs. Millikan.

Jack Gwynne class of 66 is your new Vice President and Jerry Feitler class of 52 is our Secretary/Treasurer.

I would like to publicly thank the four alumni that took their time to put this All-Class 2010 reunion together. They are;

Eric (Rick) Bogoff (70), Ronn Jutkins (53), Robert (Bob) Kramer (65) and Mike Vagi (60).


In the coming months we will alert you to our agenda for the next two years and you will see some enhancements to your Rough Riders Home page, including how “taps” are displayed on the home page.

I ask each of you to remember my promise to you: The officers are here to preserve the legacy of Roosevelt Military Academy and with your support and input we will be successful.


Lloyd E.Young Sr
President RMA Rough Rider Association