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The Million Mile Van is Dead. R.I.P July 30, 2011

The Million Mile Van has finally died. 50 miles away from home in Bryon, Ohio on Saturday afternoon July 30, 2011. The oil pressure dropped to nothing. I stopped, turned off the van probably at least a dozen times trying to limp it home. I would turn it off, turn it back on and that would make the oil pressure go back up but only for a mile or two then it would drop to nothing again. Finally at 1,299,986 miles it died. Only 14 miles from 1.3 million. For now I still have the van. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. If it was still running my plans were to put it on Ebay and/or a few other ideas but now that it's dead....the junk yard may be where it ends up. I will try to update the website soon. Thank you all for watching and cheering me on for these last 300,000 miles.

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