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Re: Tune Up

hey Doug

(forget my last reply read this one instead)

no man what the hell keep that van going. If the plug's will not come out, rebuild the two cylinder heads. or take it one steep further. it is about time to rebuild the engine.

this van will be in a museum one day I know it

plus A new van just may not be as reliable than your van in the long run. to much technology hard to fix, cost more to fix, and more or less designed to not last. like the way your van was designed to last.

and besides, what is better spend tons of money on a pretty new van with no heart. or spend a lot but still less money on a museum Worthy car that has more than a heart it has a soul.

trust me man this van is no old junker. this van is an old warrior that has fort hard and is still Wheeling to fight. don't retire this old warrior. let it die with honor. keep the warrior alive, and let it do what it dose best.

coming from a random fan of you van from wales UK

IT is a CHICK THING to junk an old car. then by a new one. just because its old and broken and maybe smells, and your no chick.

Re: Tune Up - by Joseph - Jan 23, 2011 9:23pm
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