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Transmission called it quits

The million mile transmission finally called it quits back on June 9, 2010. I was in Chicago on I-294 and I started hearing the roaring of the engine. The transmission was slipping. I pulled off and to find out what was wrong. While doing this I found out reverse gear didn't work anymore. Luckily for me I didn't pull in anywhere that I had to back out of. I was supposed to get a load from Chicago going to Wichita, Kansas but I had to call and cancel. I could still drive forward so I started heading for Toledo hoping I would make it. For the first 50 miles I was able to hold 50 mph but faster than that the tranny would slip. After I got off I-94 onto Hwy 20 in Indiana it started to slip over 45 mph. I had to drive 40-45 mph all the way across Indiana and the 55 miles in Ohio to Toledo. I made it all the way home and to my mechanic. The transmission is now rebuilt. They said that transmission was totally done. Even the hard parts were broke. Transmission smart people know what that means,,,(I don't) lol. They didn't know how I made it back to Toledo. It was a transmission that didn't say "I quit" until the very very end. Now it is rebuilt and running strong again. The engine and rear end are still original,,,never rebuilt. Oh yeah, the transmission made it to 1,211,960 miles.
I did all my trans fluid changes at Magic Quick Lube in Monroe Michigan with the T-tech machine. I had never had the trans filter changed. It was still the original filter all the way to the end, babycakes!!! Oh, Yeah!!!

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