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Jan - May 2009

It's been a few months since my last post so I figure it was time to update the site and make another message board post. Should I post stuff about my day to day life or only my driving and van life??? I think I'll do both and you can reply telling me to stick to just the driving and van life. lol.
New Years Eve at my brothers house this year. Like usual I took some Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin' sauced wings to the party. Last year my sister in-law tried one and after a bite or two she was done. This year my new sister in-law tried one. I'm not sure if she ate the whole thing or if she quit after a bite or two but she played it off well like it didn't burn. She ate it then she was talking with my mother and she didn't want to be rude so she stayed there talking. A while after she said her mouth was on fire the whole time. Hahahaha! Her 8 year daughter (my niece) put a blazin' wing on the plate of her friend (what a friend, eh?!) and told her they were just regular wings and they weren't hot. That first bite showed her friend what hot was. Hahaha!
For my driving life, kinda boring. I was able to spend the last week of January down in Shreveport, Louisiana waiting days for a load. I didn't get one there but at least it was a bit warmer down there than up here in Ohio in bone chilling cold.
February 1st I was in Bladenboro, North Carolina. I got a hotel room and watched the super bowl there. That first week of February was a no load week also. I came home empty. That following week I got a load from Utica, Michigan to Laredo, Texas then Del Rio, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma and Ft. Smith, Arkansas to Minnesota. I went from cold in Michigan to 80's in Texas back to teens in Minnesota all in 6 days. I like the warm much more than cold. I got two new tires this month. I use the Kelly brand of tires (made by Goodyear). I really like them. They seem to last much longer than the Goodyear Tracker. I like the Tracker tire too but if one lasts longer than the other I'll take that one. lol.
March - The first week/weekend of March I finally after all these years got a load to the state of Washington. With this trip I drove through Idaho, Oregon and into Washington. I seen some of the most beautiful winter scenery in the mountains. The roads were icey, the big trucks had to put tire chains on but it was very pretty to look at. After my delivery I took a scenic drive across Idaho and went to Montana. Another very pretty winter mountain drive. I seen a fast moving river with big rocks in it with snow 3' to 4' high on each rock. They get big snowfalls up there. They get feet of snow, not inches. After driving this trip through Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Montana now the only state my van hasn't been in is North Dakota. It will be there as soon as I get close enough.
April - Got my taxes done. I didn't owe anything this year. Woohoo!!! I finally had to get my alternator rebuilt. I knew it was close to dieing but I kept putting off the rebuild. Finally at 1,104,631 miles it said it was time. Since my last rebuild on March 7, 2006 I got 281,000 miles out of that alternator. My alternator rebuild guy is Kenny at 'Wally's starters and alternators' on Bennett road in Toledo, Ohio. If you need a starter or alternator rebuild and your in Toledo go to him. He'll pull it off, rebuild it and put it back on way cheaper than anyone else. 281,000 miles says he does a good job too.
May - Got my passport, now can't stay out of Canada. They keep sending me there. lol. Visiting friends while out on the road, a couple of birthdays, fun wrestling matches, and a blazin' wing challenge with a wrestler friend are the perks so far this month but we still have one week left. Who knows what will happen. I'll be going back to Canada. That's my prediction.

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