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Halibut Fishing Reports & Halibut Recipe Forum

Welcome to the halibut fishing reports and halibut recipe forum. Feel free to post a halibut fishing report in the area where you caught your fish and please share your favorite recipes.

Halibut Fishing Reports & Halibut Recipe Forum
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Nootka halibut

Hows the hali fishing at the mouth of Nootka Sound around the 15th of April? Will be out again this year but have little expirience with halibut. Any advice would be great.


Re: Nootka halibut

Hi Rob,

Ling Cod opens April 15/06. So your timing is excellent. Watch your sounder and find the drop off, look for shelfs with sand or gravel. Jigs or spreader bars will work just fine. I fish out of Tahsis and am coming out around that same time period. I have been bringing up the "hockey team" for the past 4 years for the white meat and have done very well each time. VHF ch#6 is the one to be on. You can reach me on my handle "rumrunner". Good luck and tight lines.

Re: Nootka halibut

Thanks Mark, Ill keep an eye out for ya. As for my rig, just look for the 20' aluminum tub with the green looking guy heaving over the side. That will be me. Be sure to wave as you go bye.

Re: Nootka halibut

Going to Kyuquot April 15th. Is this a good time to fish for Halibut or too early? Any tips on where in Kyuquot to fish. Thanks.