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Welcome to the halibut fishing reports and halibut recipe forum. Feel free to post a halibut fishing report in the area where you caught your fish and please share your favorite recipes.

Halibut Fishing Reports & Halibut Recipe Forum
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TELEGRAPH COVE (Alert Bay, Johnstone Straight) AREA HALIBUT?

I am planning my usual trip up to Telegraph Cove soon and am planning to fish mainly halibut instead of the springs i usually go after. Anyone have any tips on where to fish for them? Ive only ever caught the odd small one trolling for salmon at Malcolm Island, so im hoping to give the Halis a try this year.. Does anyone know how the fishing has bin up there, or has anyone bin up lately? Some people ive talked to suggest stubbs island and mitchell bay, but im sure there are some better areas, as ive seen some people come in with pretty impressive catches over the years, and i know that they were not fishing in those spots. Where do you have the best success fishing for Halibut up that way?



Re: TELEGRAPH COVE (Alert Bay, Johnstone Straight) AREA HALIBUT?

Hey Man, well there is some good and bad news for you. I was just up at the telegraph cove area back from my trip to alaska. We stopped and fished bold head, east crawcroft, and the backside of malcom. Fishing was REALLY slow. We only caught one king in 6 hours of fishing. (it was a 5 pound jack) but we did manage to get some nice coho off lizzard point. If i were trying for halibut, give the back side of malcom a try, especially off the mudslide. Another area would been green rocks and pine island. However, this is more of the port hardy area. Bottom line is...if your going to try to fish halibut now, your a little bit too late. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

Re: TELEGRAPH COVE (Alert Bay, Johnstone Straight) AREA HALIBUT?

wow, havent bin on here for like a year! just remebered i made a post and you requested a report. We ended up having our best rip ever and ccaught a 120 pound hali and 38 legal springs in 9 days, biggest being 36 pounds. All off malcolm, we outfished most of the biats and guides around. We were letting numerous 20 pounders go near the end of the trip... Was an outstanding trip, now its almost already to the time for the next one! Heres a pic of our hali. Lost one the day before just as big too! fouund a real honey hole..... This trip was between august 20-30 just so you know, this thread is quite old.

Heres pics from the trip..



Re: TELEGRAPH COVE (Alert Bay, Johnstone Straight) AREA HALIBUT?

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Re: TELEGRAPH COVE (Alert Bay, Johnstone Straight) AREA HALIBUT?

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