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Welcome to the halibut fishing reports and halibut recipe forum. Feel free to post a halibut fishing report in the area where you caught your fish and please share your favorite recipes.

Halibut Fishing Reports & Halibut Recipe Forum
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British Columbia: Victoria Fishing Reports

British Columbia: Victoria Fishing Reports

Re: British Columbia: Victoria Fishing Reports

Don't bother fishing around Victoria. The dfo opened the area up to commercial fisherman and there are long lines all over the productive spots. Go to Renfrew, but don't try launching at the marina on a low tide!!!

Re: British Columbia: Victoria Fishing Reports

Just came from DFO's web site and read the notice of
the commercial fishery opening around VIctoria.
What a total a compleatly baffleing move this is by DFO, are they trying to get rid of the Halibut sport fishery???? here for the record is the notice as it was posted on DFO's web site
Effective 12:00 July 1, Commercial Halibut Fishers that request and are issued
a special amendment to their licence conditions to fish in the inside waters
can now fish in Area 19-3, 19-4 and 19-5.

To harvest halibut in Sub-areas 12-1 to 12-13, 12-15 to 12-48, 19-3 to 19-5,
and 20-4 to 20-5 ("inside" area), an amendment to your condition of licence is
required from the Halibut Co-ordinator.

The Department will amend the condition of licence to fish in the "inside"
area, provided a category ZN option D licence has not been designated to that
vessel, the vessel has not participated in any reallocation of rockfish
by-catch holdings and the vessel has not fished in the "outside" area. Upon
fishing in the "inside" area, a vessel must request a separate amendment to
fish the "outside" area.

The Department will closely monitor the fishing activity in these areas and if
by-catch and discarding is a concern, or if the yelloweye TAC for the Strait of
Georgia Rockfish Management Area is reached, the fishery in these areas will be

Fishers granted an inside amendment will be subject to increased at-sea

Variation number 2004-325 in effect.

Terri Bonnet, A/Halibut Coordinator (604-666-3279).

Re: British Columbia: Victoria Fishing Reports

what bycatch there are no rockfish left where the longlines are off victoria. why conserve when fisheries allow longlining around victoria city. the commercial boat is finishing off the sport fishery off victoria.

Re: British Columbia: Victoria Fishing Reports

32 lbs, Pedder Bay, Feb13 was lucky for me.