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Halibut Fishing Reports & Halibut Recipe Forum

Welcome to the halibut fishing reports and halibut recipe forum. Feel free to post a halibut fishing report in the area where you caught your fish and please share your favorite recipes.

Halibut Fishing Reports & Halibut Recipe Forum
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Hein Bank WA

Caught 2 today on our boat 23 and 30 lbs
No one else around

Re: Hein Bank WA

Any advise for someoene headed to Hein Bank?

Re: Hein Bank WA

look at all the boats incoming tide east side outgoing west side gravel bottom watch for snags and use either squid or squid/herring

Re: Re: Hein Bank WA

So...June 8th on the eastern portion of the strait. Got one fish for three rods. Fish is roughly 80 pounds...