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Halibut Fishing Reports & Halibut Recipe Forum

Welcome to the halibut fishing reports and halibut recipe forum. Feel free to post a halibut fishing report in the area where you caught your fish and please share your favorite recipes.

Halibut Fishing Reports & Halibut Recipe Forum
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Re: south sound washington

Hi, Basic rule is the further from the ocean the fewer the fish, and in the south sound they would probably glow in the dark. I live in Issaquah and find it is well worth the trip to head west. I just got back today from Neah Bay and it wasn't if you caught fish but how many. A good place to get fishing areas is also fish-n-maps and try to talk to locals they might not give all of there hot spots away but will usually give some pointers. By the way we fished 1 day for Lings and Rockfish and 1 day for Butts, Caught 6 Lings (Smallest was 33") 18 Rocks and 2 Butts (70# & 90#) Squid and rubber squid jigs and herring all kicked ass with plenty of weight.

Good Luck Fishing
Tight lines and sore arms

Re: south sound washington

Point no point and east to to useless bay on Wigby is as far south as they go.