Whats on your mind in Mt Savage !

Whats on your mind in Mt Savage !
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Hello, My name is Holly n my family is new to Mt. Savage, we enjoy to go hike'n, rock climb'n n basically just explore the wonderful outdoors around us to enjoy the nature n get to know our new home. I have heard that there is sereval interesting things to see n do here, the things that I would be most interested in is...caves, trails, etc, I have read about something called Devil's rock n the iron furnace these are also something we would enjoy explore'n...so I am hope'n to get any n all info that I can about my surround's. I would appreciate any thing I can get, it's almost spring time so hopefully I can get to know where we can go n where we shouldn't in time for the first great weather wkend. Thanks

Re: Caves

Hi Holly
Welcome to Mt Savage. To answer a few of your question, Mt Savage is a wonderful place if you like hiking around. Almost any place you go you will see the past glory of our town. Not many places off limits. Starting with the iron furnace, if you go by the post office you will see a road going up into the valley. This is the trail to the furnace and can be viewed anytime. Once there if you look across the creek you will see our museum. A trail connects the two sites. The museum is only open by appointment. I can show you around any time you wish. It is located on Old Row. 22 of those houses onced lined the street and many of the foundations can still be seen. The walk down old row will lead you past an old log cabin then on into town.
Many of the old railroad beds are still passable. If you go up foundry Rown you can gain access to the old C&P railroad bed which runs up to Slabtown. It's well worth a hike.
There is a debate about the location of Devils Rock. My view is that it is located off New School road by the creek. It's a rough trail on either side of the stream. It was a popular spot back in the day to hang out. In the same location is a place called the BOX. A concrete pond which held water for the brick works along with 2 stone pillars where the tram system crossed the stream.
I could go on and on. Lots to discover here in Mt Savage.
Good luck in your travels.
If I can help in any way , shoot me an email and I'll give you a tour.
Dennis denlashley@hotmail.com