Whats on your mind in Mt Savage !

Whats on your mind in Mt Savage !
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Re: genealogy O'Rourke/O'Rorke

Thanks for your interest in Mt Savage History and for your purchase of our books.

The O'Rourke's were a prominate family in Mt savage until the early 50's . None that I know live here now but some of the extended family are still in the are.

Please find enclosed 2 photos from 1945.

The photo with all the photos was a display in one of the store fronts on mainstreet. On the back of the photo it says. At center: James & Michael O'Rourke ( Twins) to their right their sister Rose.

The other photo is of Rose Mary Noonan & James Thomes O'Rourke May 17, 1945

I'll put out some feelers to see what can be turned up. However, not many records have survived from the early 1899's.

Re: genealogy O'Rourke/O'Rorke

James and Rosemary O’Rourke are my parents. Both are deceased. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister . All but one of still live in Maryland. I loved living in Mt savage but only for short times. My father was In the army and we traveled. We stayed in my gramd mother’s house (Alice Noonan) on main st. Big white house across from The Mulligans.