Whats on your mind in Mt Savage !

Whats on your mind in Mt Savage !
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Mount Savage website

Hi folks

Please feel free to let me know whats on your mind about Mount Savage or this website. We at the Historical Society have been busy trying to bring the history of our town to you here in cyberspace along with maintaining and renovating our old building around town. This space on the web is for all of you to let our visitors know how you feel.
Thans for taking your time in posting a message.

Re: Mount Savage website

I have a family history in Mt. Savage but I would like any information on my family if possible. My Great Grandmother was Mini Ruby and was American Native Indian (I was told Blackfoot?)and lived in Mt. Savage. My Great Grandfather Richard Sourbrine worked on the rail road when they met and married. I know they had a lot of kids and I only have a few names. Isabel, Richard, William Henry (AKA:Bill)(Grandfather). I would like to know any family members as family is very important to me. I can be reached at myrna_arens2000@yahoo.com
Thank you

Re: Mount Savage website

HEY CUZ, long time no chat, how are you and your family doing? We have had a rough time last year with dad passing and now keeping my mom going strong. But she is really doing great especially getting through the past holidays. We will be celebrating her 71st birthday on Jan 31, 2008.

Hey I have info you all can add but how can I send it to you all by emai, there is lots.

Great place here and glad I am back on line so we can chat again.

Your Cuz,