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Re: strange digs

perhaps a badger...was the hole kinda oval shaped?


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Hell to all. I found some holes dug out by a tree that had some small chipmunk or vole holes in the area. The holes where dug out enough for a skunk to fit it's whole body in without squeezing. We found a set of tracks but not enough to identify the animal (5 toes)possible claws. The dirt was thrown about 2 feet back from the hole and made a good 10 inch mess wide by the hole. Our best guess is that it was made form a member of the weasel family. I have watched skunks dig but never seen them dig this agressive before. The site was on a high hill which was realy grassy with some small sections of forest. The bottoms have a creek and a lake nearby. Any body ever watch a weasel dig before. The dirt was still soft so i did not expect a coyote or racoon, or their body weight should have left more tracks.southeast michigan,Steve.

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