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We at M.A.J.D.A. are a group of sincere individuals commited to the search for the answers to the long-asked questions of the parnormal. Please feel free to post any questions you may have and we would appreciate any constructive comments. Thank you!

Forum: Ghost Hunting forum
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Sprucevale Campout / Ghosthunt

Great news!! The ever popular Sprucevale Ghosthunt / campout has been set for Saturday, July 16th. We have found some great new places to investgate this year. Something new we are planning to try this year is to make the ghosthunt more self guided. We are planning on giving everyone a map to the hunted sites. By doing this everyone can than visit the sites they want in much smaller groups and hopefully get even better results. Once again this year we are asking everyone to bring some type of covered dish to share with the group. Hot dogs & burgers will be provided. Everyone that attends must be a member of MAJDA and we will be asking for a small donation of a few dollars from everyone to help cover expenses. For more info contact Ron at:

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