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We at M.A.J.D.A. are a group of sincere individuals commited to the search for the answers to the long-asked questions of the parnormal. Please feel free to post any questions you may have and we would appreciate any constructive comments. Thank you!

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Overnight Trip to a REAL haunted house! Do u have what it takes to spend the night with the unknown?

Overnight Haunted House Trip
Hosted by: Theresa
Featured by: Altered Nightmares and The Fall Ghost Hunter Series
How would you like to tour a REAL haunted House and then spend the night in an old abondoned haunted silk mill with a team of paranormal investigators? Do you have what it takes to be locked down with the unknown?
Our featured haunted house attraction includes:
Live actors with Real Paranormal activity. The haunted house is designed inside a Victorian Era Silk Garment Mill, c 1895, that feature premium sound and lighting effects as well as a remarkably full staged setting. Come experience an expansive industrial space, featuring 22 rooms, including our renowned claustrophobia room, over 100 feet of twisted halls, and debuting for 2009- THE HUMAN CAGE OF TERROR, CAN YOU ESCAPE?
Our Main Event will start when the clock strikes 12:00 midnight and includes:
A night locked down in the Mill with a team of paranormal investigators along with their high tech equiment to capture any and all paranormal activities.
Bonus: If you last through the night in the mill you will also receive a gift certificate to Digity Dogs Dinner to have breakfast following the event.
Date: Saturday October 17 & 24th
Time: 11pm (for both dates)
Price: $60.00 per person, which includes haunted house attractions, an overnight stay in the mill with the paranormal team and a gift certificate for breakfast.( pending you last through the night inside the mill.) Location: 500 Bridge St, Weissport PA Deadline to purchace tickets are October 5, 2009 Call 610-573-9275 to purchace tickets
Any questions can be e-mailed to
Items you are not permitted to bring to the ghost hunting experience:
Electric appliances of any kind (battery powered only)
Weapons of any kind
Glass bottles
Absolutely nothing ignitable, or flammable of any kind. ( for example: no Fireworks, no camping lanterns, no candles)
No Smoking, except for one designated area outside.
Suggested items to bring to this event:
Cozy seating (i.e. a collapsible camp chair)
A body wrap / sleeping bag for the extended night stay ( our factory does not have climate control)
Hooded sweat shirt
Bottle water, pre-packaged / pre-made snacks (there is a Dunkin Donuts you will see on the way in for your provisions and convenience)
Your own digital voice recorder for collecting your own data and documentation (we just ask that if you acquire any evidence you share with us)

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