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Tucker McDade

Does anyone have any info on Tucker McDade or Tucker McDade furniture. There is some high quality antique furniture in Georgia that was made by Tucker McDade. It seems to be from Putnam County.
Carro May McDade Felt

Who is the McDade in your background? William Timothy McDade

Re: Tucker McDade


To this day, all in our family refer to our mother as May McDade.

Greetings and salutations; I am Advisor to Family Casemore and Cheif Steward to Clan McDade in the West, (in the line of Earl Albert and Mary Inness McDade Casemore). While researching a "Tucker McDade", your contact info showed up and I was taken by the inclusion of adoption. There is adoption in my immediate family so I guess that makes you part of my family. May McDade was a Scottish War Bride, Sired eight children, (I'm the middle one), and is buried beside our father in Ontario, Canada.

All the best; Casey.

P.S. Your family name preceeds Henry VIII.

Who is the McDade in your background? mother