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The purpose of this forum is to provide a forum for cadets and friends of Roosevelt Military Academy to renew and maintain friendships and to post information of interest to the RMA Community. There are no restrictions on topics for discussion. We just ask that everyone keep their notes polite and civil. Don't forget to include a subject to your message.

RMA Rough Rider Association Message Forum
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From time to time former cadets contact the Association Officers about ideas, questions or concerns they have about projects. As has been our practice since before the formation of the Association, we extend an invitation to join a call with us all to ensure we understand the specifics of their request, add to our list of projects or ask a committee chairman to engage these individuals. Frequently we have asked for volunteers to assist these committees and offer their direct support.

Recently, several of our valued former cadets have chosen to use the Message Forum to communicate thereby presenting their interpretations and views instead of giving the Officers the benefit of their experience in guiding the Association.

As President, I prefer to work directly with individuals who can enhance the quality of decisions and considerations we need in our management of Association business. Sometimes rationale interaction is clouded by emotions and the reality is, that we all have them and feel it is important to clarify recent commentary on the Message Forum.


At the meeting in Rock Island when the Officers were elected many of the members asked questions and other cadets offered their perspectives in an open, friendly environment designed to make us a better organization.

Many indicated that the Association should be Incorporated and also be Tax-Exempt. One cadet did provide the name of his personal attorney, who was consulted prior to taking any action. Taking the lead of this initial, friendly setting, the Officers did incorporate in the State of Florida, as it was prudent and less expensive to do in Florida as opposed to considering Illinois. This was the advise of that attorney who was equally friendly in telling us that he would be very expensive and we would be better served doing this in Florida.

To our knowledge, the incorporation efforts have no impact on our Associations Constitution and By-Laws. It is my feeling that if we had risk, members in attendance in Rock Island or he attorney would have provided us their insights.

As part of the Rock Island meeting a proposal was made by Ronn Jutkins to consider erecting a Roosevelt Memorial and all the members were given a copy and asked for their input, which the Officers have taken into consideration. Voluntary efforts like this project are supported the Officers, even though no Association monies have been spent nor have any contracts been discussed or signed.


This is the difficult part of email and Message Forum communications. Mere words on a paper can be misinterpreted as an agreement versus a proposal. Hence my personal preferences for direct discussion. We have seven years of recent evidence that working together either in person or on a call reduce misunderstandings and have lead to success. Starting with reunion in 2000 through the creation of the Association. Virtually all this work was done in the spirit of wanting the ‘right’ thing to happen.

By Law Clarification:

The Officers have the executive and administrative authority to manage the affairs of the Association as stated in the Constitution and By-Laws. Voting of the members is required every 2 years at the Bi-Annual reunions when the Association Officers are elected. Voting can be done in person, electronically (email) or by postal mail.

As required by the Constitution and By-Laws, the Treasurer conducted a financial audit at the end of 2006 and the results were submitted to me for review and approval and then distributed to the members. The financial status of the Association is sound. Members were encouraged to contact any of the Officers if they had any questions. Experience tells me that if any one questioned the audit, that they would have contacted Jerry or me. I can assure you that the Treasurer is the right person for this job as validated by you voting for him and the time and work his has done for the Association. I support Jerry 110% as an honest professional who has selflessly devoted himself to the highest levels of integrity and I am equally sure that comments in Message Forum were not intended to question the accuracy of his work and will presume them to be a misunderstanding and not to question his character.

Open Door:

We have strongly encouraged all Association members, as well as Alumni, to contact any of the Officers with questions, comments or concerns so that they can be properly addressed.

Any active association member who wishes to receive a copy of conference call minutes merely needs to ask one of the Officers for them and they will be provided.

Message Forum:

The Message Forum is a very valuable communication vehicle and we are grateful for Bob’s work and willingness to service this medium for us all.

As your President and fellow alum, I urge everyone to call or write their concerns in a manner which will enable all parties to completely understand in contrast to turning the Message Forum into some “chat” room that we would not want our children to access.

Thank you for your time and support,

Jack (66)